Doing sex with consent is good. But without consent or forcefully doing sex is worst; that’s
called Rape. When a man like or love a woman, but the woman does not like or love him. Then
the man feels anger on her and with particular time and secretly make fool that woman and then         forcefully doing sex, that’s Rape.They are the worst human beings in this world. Spoil one’s cha-
-stity is a hellish sin and must be burned in hell. In this case, only men use to do rape 99%, but
women won’t, exceptional cases for women 1%. In some countries like India, Bangladesh, South
Africa, England & Wales, USA, Sweden, Canada etc, become victim of Rape. But countries like
Russia, California, women use do sex; they take it casually. Sex is a a simple matter what they
feel. So when men forcefully rape those countries’ women, they feel hard, but they don’t think too
much, because it is just a simple matter to them. Now-a-days men use to do rape with less than
13 years old girl, which must be stopped. Government should have a hard rule for stopping   Rape.(PLEASE PARDON ME



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