We all need to have a good knowledge on General Knowledge(GK). If you don’t have a good
general knowledge, then everyone will think that you are a fool, not good in studies; or, if you
are good in general knowledge then everyone will give their eyes on you. So, increase our GK.
Here are few GKs  that we need to know————1)The first camera,Pinhole Camera or Camera Obscura invented by A.D.Alhazen & Joseph
Nicephore Niepce, and it is first used in 1827.
2)First practical Photography invented by Louis Daquerre in 1829.
3)The first computer Programmer & the first to write software for Computer is Ada Lovelace.
4)Christopher Latham Sholes invented Keyboard, Typewriter, Querty, Sholes & Gildden type-
5)Computer Printer invented by Chester Carlson in 1938.
6)TV Typewriter invented by Don Lancaster in 1973.
7)Zerox/Photo copying machine invented by Chester Carlson in 1937.
8)Philo Taylor Fransworth invented TV in 1927.
9)Zacharias Janssen with his father Hans Janssen invented first compound Microscope in 1950s.
10)Hans Lippershey invente Tlescope & Galileo was the first user for astronomical purposes.
11)Rene Theophile Hyacinthe Laennec invented Stesthoscope.
12)Samuel Morse invented Telegram in 1832.
13)Electrical Telegraph invented by Baron Schilling Von Constatt in 1832.
14)Yi Xing and Liang Lingzan invented first mechanical clock in 725.
15)Christian Huygens developed the first Pendulam Clock around 1656.
16)Alexander Bain invented Fax Machine.
17)Blaise Pascal invented the first Digital Calculator in 1642.
18)The first Robot was a mechanical bird made in 350 B.C. by Archytas of Tarentum.
19)The first digitally programmable Robot built by George Devol in 1954.
20)The first Humanoid Robot built by Al-Jazari around 1200 AD.
22)Electrical Bulb/Light Bulb invented by Thomas Edison in 1879.
23)Humphry Davy invented Electric Light, known as the Electric arc.
24)J.P Lamiere invented first Binocular Telescope in 1825.
25)Bionic ear invnted by Graeme Clark in 1978.
26)Medha Patkar & Baba Amte received the Right Livelihood Award in 1991.
27)National Handloom Day 7th August.
28)First Satellite launched in China – Tiantong-01.
29)First Half Century in IPL = Yusuf Pathan.
30)”Chandrakanta” is the title of a fantasy novel by Devkinandan Khatri.
31)i)Zoology is the study of  Animals.
II)Botany is the study of Plants.
iii)Dendrology is the study of Trees.
iv)Botanical is the study of Flowers.
v)Entomology is the study of insects.
vi)Oligochaetology is the study of worms.
vii)Helminthology is the study of Parastic worms.
viii)Lchthyology is the study of fish.
ix)Anthropology is the study of Human beings.
X)Geology is the study of  Earth.
Xi)Palaentology = the science relating to Fossil.
32)2016 Nobel Peace Prize winner — Jauan Manuel Santosh.
33)Facebook invented by Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz,Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McColl-
-ans, Chris Hughes.
34)Noble Prize in Physics in Photoelectric — Ienstien.
35)X-Ray invented by Rontgen.
36)First Indian National Congress session held in Mumbai.
37)Largest Ocean – Pacific Ocean; Smallest Ocean – Arctic Ocean.
38)Biggest Planet – Jupiter & Smallest Planet – Mercury.
39)Largest cell in Human Body – the egg cell(female ovum) & the Smallest cell in Human body
– the Sperm cell.
40)Largest and Strongest bone in Human body – Feumar & Smallest bone in Human body
– Stapes.
41)Largest Continent – Asia & Smallest Continent – Australia.
42)Largest Desert – Antarctica, 2nd-Arctic, 3rd-Sahara(hottest desert,no-1) & Smallest Desert
Carcross Desert(Canada).
43)Largest Sea- Philippine Sea, 2nd-Coral Sea, 3rd-Arabian Sea.
FIFA Head quarter – Zurichberg, Switzerland.
44)WWE Head Quarter – Stamford, Connecticut, U.S.
45)Tallest Tower- Burj Khalifa (Dubai)
46)8th Wonders in the World = i.Great Pyramid of Giza(Giza, Necropolis, Egypt),
ii)Great Wall Of China(China), iii) Petra(Jordan), iv) Chichen Itza (Yucatan, Mexico),
v)Machu Picchu (Cuzco Region, Peru), vi)The Colosseum (Rome, Itly),
vii)Taj Mahal( Agra, Uttarpradesh, India), viii) Christ the Redeemer ( Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).
47)ICC  Head Quarter – London.
48World Banks headquarters are in Paris.
49)12th August – International Youth Day.
50)First translated Bhagvadgita into English – William Jones.
51)The oldest person to have won a Nobel Prize – Leonld Hurwicz.
52)The First Conqueror to invade India – Timur.
53)International Women’s Day — 8th Mach & Men’s Day – 19th November.
54)Mobile invented by Martin Cooper.
55)Charles Babbage invented ‘Analytic Engine, the first mechanical Computer;
ii)The First Successful Electronic Computer, ENIAC in 1946, by – J.P. Eckert & J.W.Mauchy.(PLEASE PARDON ME IF I AM WRONG !)



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