There are various types of Science, e.g. Mathematical Science, Biological Science,  Zoological Science, Botanical Science, Chemical Science, Physical Science, Geolog-
-ical Science and Technological Science. Technology is probably the best gift of Science. With-
-out technology human world is immobile. Now-a-days, even we drink pure water by the help
of technology. That means technology is connected with every parts of our life.Therefore, there
are technological items without which we can’t live, like – electric fan, electric light. So, electri-
-city is the biggest invention of Science. Technological items which we use for our facility are
Refrigerator, Computer,T.V, Air Conditioner, Inverter, Washing machine, Induction Oven, Gas
Cylinder, Geysers machine, Running Water machine, Iron machine, Mixie machine etc. For
big business purposes Science invented Petrol Pumps, Rice Mills, Oil Mills, etc. Now-a-days,
we can also see electric Scooty, bus, tram, etc. Science has made our life very easy. Even our
money can’t be secured in banks if there is no scientific technology. Slowly slowly Science
has developed and prospered. The fruit of that prosperity and development is Mobile phones,
Laptops, Bluetooth Headphones etc. We can say that Mobile phones are virally spreading out
all over the world. Mobile phones are the second best, if not the best invention of Science.
We can do everything by a smart phone easily. Even we don’t need to go to bank to hand over
moneys to people If a smart phone is in your hand that means the world is in your hand. We
do internet, payment, play games, music, videos, wireless talking with people from various parts
of the world. We can send message, email, not only letters but videos. For Laptops, it is very
easy to take while you are going outside. You can take it anywhere. At last, but not the least,
Science has its craziest inventions like –a machine that can go to the pasts named’The Grand-
-father Paradox’; a car which can fly like helicopter named,’Terrafugia, etc. Everything
is possible by the help of Science. The shocking invention is a Humanoid Robot,which acts
like a human. Even scientists go to Moon by Rockets, and take and send pictures to us.
So, now, you can think how powerful is Science and its Technology . 


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