The word ‘snake’ comes from the Old English ‘snaca’, from Germanic Language ‘snako’, from
Indo-European language ‘snog-‘, ‘sneg’, ehich also gave ‘sneak’ as well as Sanskrit naga ‘snake’.
Snake is a wild animal as well as a mammal reptile who has a long thin body and a fork-sha-
-ped tongue. We may have heard about Dragon snakes, but they are a fairy tale. Living snakes are  found on every continent except Antarctica and on most smaller land masses. Sea snakes are widespread throughout the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Most species are non-venomous and those
that have venom use it primarily to kill and subdue prey rather than self defense. Some possess venom potent enough to cause painful injury, or death to humans. Non-venomous snakes either
swallow prey alive or kill by constriction. With more than 3000 species of snakes in the world —
King Cobra–the longest  venomous snake in the world; American Copperhead–it creates venom,
in some locations they are referred to as the Moccasin snake; Black Mamba–considered the long-
-est of all snakes found in Africa and probably the deadliest; Corn Snake–it is also called the Red
Rat snake; Rattle snake–it isn’t very powerful, but very common snake, found in most places; Boa
Constrictor–a very large snake with a very thick body; Eastern Coral Snake– is called the Americ-
-an Cobra, a very dangerous snake due to the potency of the venom that releases; Black Rat Snake
–can be 8 feet length and probably the biggest of all snakes found in Canada; Burmese Python–
6th largest of all snakes in the world; Ball Python or Royal Python–a fascinating snake,it is quiet
timid in comparison to many other types of Pythons; Reticulated Python–a very interesting snake
to gaze at, they don’t have venom and are very seldom known to bite, they will wrap around a per-
-son though and suffocate them; Garter Snake–a very bright in colour which makes them attracti-
-ve; Green Anaconda–a non-venomous snake that only looks like it would be extremely danger-
-ous; Water Moccasin snake–a type of pit viper, they can give a bite which is very painful and
deadly; Green Tree Python–lives in areas where most people will never get a chance to see one
up close. They are very colorful. In India, we worship snakes. They are thought to be associated
with a goddess, named Devi Manasa. Gigantophis garstini is an extinct giant snake. It lived
about 40 million years ago in the northern Sahara where Egypt and Algeria are now located;
Titanoba –it is a monster snake which is known to have lived in present day La Guajira in north-
-eastern Colombia. Fossils of Titanoboa have been found in the Cerrejon Formation and date to
around 58 to 60 million years ago, its weight about 1,135 kg and total length around 12.8 meter


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