We love our Mother & our mother love us. Like this if we love our  our nature, it will return our love implicitly. We live in Nature. As we bring up by our mother, like this, we also bring up by our nature.
When we were baby, our mother breast feed us, like this,mother nature also feeds by providing water.
As we grow up She use to feed us by providing vegetables and fruits. She provides us oxygen to bre-
-athe. She provides us pleasing air. Even, we are the part of Nature. We are made up of four parts of nature– water, air, fire & Earth. So, we are the child of our mother nature. Everthing like, sea,
lakes, rivers, trees, forests, jungle, mountain, fountain, lava etc belong to nature. But in recent times
we are hurting our Mother Nature. E.g.- when we chop down trees for making houses, wooden items

etc, we are badly hurting our Mother. As a result, the quantity of CO2 is increasing & O2 is decreas-
-ing. Consequently, We are hurting themselves. We are contaminating water and air through Industr-
-ial wastes, polluted gas, washing clothes in river, ponds, etc.Our Mother Nature is hurting badly by
this. Not more days left if we hurting like this, our life also leave us from this Earth. Try to save our
Mother Nature, Please!



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