DREAMS= When we use to see in the surrounding nature, or T.V or anywhere’s special incidents or
accidents, or eye-attracting or heart-touching incidents, or when we hear something unnatural, glad-
-ful, sorrowful, attractive, horrifying incidents, or when we think something very deeply with much
time, these incidents or things are captured in a place of our brain; during work-hour brain could
not work with these incidents, but during sleep-hour brain use to work i.e. create a story and deve-
-loping it.That Utopian stories are called Dream. And when we get up from sleep, then our brain
could not work with those stories because our brain becomes active for other works.
(by ME, GOURAB SAHA)Like- He almost always late in the school and his present in present-paper is very few.
We use to say that- He has no punctuality and he is irregular.
— ‘punctuality‘ and ‘irregular‘ are not present in that long sentence. Now, the question is
How these two words ‘punctuality’ and ‘irregular’ have come to our mind?
Our brain has created these two words. It means, our brain has the creating ability/power
to create things which may not be available in the sentence or in the present world. So, when
we see such those real incidents, it takes place in a particular place of our brain and during
no work or sleep-hour, our brain use to create those things by its power and create a Utopian
story (dream) by the help of real incidents. Such incidents like — fear, accident, – are always
use to give shock in real life to our mind and these incidents are so inciting or mind-pressing
that we use to get out of it as quick possible, but we could not. So, when we use to see or feel
something fear in real life, we use to see a story in sleep hour(dream) by brain-creative-work
and when our incitement or pressing of mind become higher, then we use to get up from sleep
or get out from dream because our brain or mind has been given a shock by those fearful inci-
-dents as we get shock in real life. As we use to feel something unnatural in real life by seeing
such incidents, we also feel that unnatural feelings in dream So, feelings of real life and feel-
-ings in dream are same. Because real life and dream life are connected with each other in an



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