How to earn money from Whatsapp ?

As Whatsapp is now purchased by Facebook it is very easy to monetize your Whatsapp account. But you need to depend on others. We can earn money from Whatsapp through few ways…………..

  1. Shortening Url Posting :-   It’s very easy to shorten Url and posting on whatsapp. At first, you need an account on ‘money giving shortening url website’, like- Bitly. After creating an account you need to shorten Url of any website, or, posts at there and copy it and then you need to post it to whatsapp. Remember, you you also need to give brief description to the users about the link. If your link is clicked, you will get money. More clicks, more money.
  2. Affiliate Advertising:-  Affiliate Advertising is another way to earn a good amount of money from Whatsapp. You just need to share the Url links of the products from online shopping site and to give a brief description about the product and then post it to Whatsapp. If your link is clicked and the visitor buy the product from your link you will get commission. Amazon, Flipkart you may choose.
  3. PPD Network Services:-   PPD stands for  Pay Per Download. The criteria is, if your uploaded video or photo is downloaded by others then you get paid. For that you need to create an account on PPD networking website, like – Shutterstock.  And then you need to upload your videos or photos in ‘customer support’ and get the link.         ( Read all the instructions carefully at Shutterstock ! ) Share those links in your Whatsapp account and if your friend download the video or photos, you get money.
  4. Promotting Apps:-   You can earn money by promoting Apps in Whatsapp. As you    know, those Apps where you can earn cash, mobile recharges, ask you to share their Apps. In that way, if you share their links to your Whatsapp and if your Whatsapp friend download the App, you get money.

In these ways you can earn money from Whatsapp.

Thank you


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