How to earn Money from Your Blog ?

Hii Guys, Blogging is another way to earn money. You just need to have a blogging

platform where you can blog or write and earn money. You just need to write and

write. If you are interested in blogging, so, is a very good website for

you to write and earn. You just need to write as much as possible. And then, as the

site is a part of Google, you can earn by Google Adsense which is the best online

Advertisement providing company. So, write in your Google search box

and open the website. Then sign-up by G-mail account and get start to write your first

blog. Blogging is not so hard, you can write what you want, but, You can earn money

only when people visit your site. If you write anything you want, you can do, no prob-

-lem but, if you want to get traffic to your blogging site, then you need to write essential

and attractive things, so that people get interested in your blogging site. is

free, just sign up and you can see your Blogging site url in Google. At last, please make

sure that, you have written sufficient number of Posts and got traffic to register for Goo-

-gle Adsense. Never register with Google Adsense after little number of posts and views,

because Google Adsense will hurt you, in the sense that , they will build your Money plat-

-form so late that you will lose your hope.First, make sure that your blogging site has min

35 – 40 essential and interesting posts and has over 5000 views , then register with Google


You can also earn money by blogging without For this, you need to have

your own personal website, and that must be of Premium plan or Business plan. The dif-

-ference is in you need no money , but for your own personal website you

need money. In another way, in, you can only register with Google Adsense,

but, if you have a personal blogging website you can register with various online Advert-

-isement providing companies. Therefore, you can earn more money from more Adverti-

-sement. The choice is yours.

Thank you


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