How to earn Money from a Website ?

Hii Guys, earning from a own personal Website is the coolest thing . If you want to earn from your own new website you need some money to get it. You need to buy a Premium or a Business plan for the website from a ‘Domain name and site hosting website’, like – WordPress, GoDaddy, Weebly,, Wix, etc. You can’t earn from free plan. Then you need to have a nice and simple url/ website name, and your website ought to have a good look.  After that, flamboyant your website with essential, attractive contents. You need to give more and more contents first before earning. After you done your content giving work,and all important works, like, verification with Google, Bing etc, you need to register your website with Online Advertisement providing companies, like – Google Adsense, Adtol,etc. Then, you need to place Ad to your website ( may be automatic, or, by providing link to your website ). Then you need to depend on visitors. More visitos, more traffic, if they see your Ad you get money. For that, your website need to have a good, essential, unique, attractive contents. More traffic , more money. This is one of the few ways by which you can earn. Other ways are, Affiliate Advertising , means, You need to sign up with Online Product providing Websites or webplatform, like- Amazon, Flipkart etc. You need to first get the link of the product and then copy the link of the product to your website and publish it. Share those links to Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. If users  click the link from your website and buy it, you get paid by commission. There may be more other ways….

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