Earn Money from Surveys

Hii Guys,  Surveys are used by companies to know about their products and how they improve those products and share those products with the users and non-users with the best way possible. For that, they collaborate with Survey providing websites or web platforms to reach with the customers and users. There are many survey websites on internet, like – Google Surveys (only in few counties), Mobrog, Toluna, Clixsense , Viewpointpanel,  Survey monkeyNeobux, Swagbucks, MySurvey, One Poll, iPoll,      Global Test Market, Surveybods , Samplicio.us, FreeSurveysUk, Surveyspot, Ipsos, etc. These websites give money, that’s true. But, surveys are not easy as you think. You have to sit with your mobile phone or computer for 15 minutes, 25 mins, 30 mins, 35 mins, 50 mins, and so on and on. You have to answering non-stop questions for more than 20 minutes, and if they think at any time that you don’t deserve to continue with the survey, they may close your survey. And also surveys’ rate are very low in price. Think for a second, for ex, a survey , 20 mins, give you U.S $1.50, you started that survey gladly and you are going well, but after 18 mins, if they show that you don’t deserve this survey anymore, think what will go on your mind. All your time will be wasted, thoughts will go bad, you feel angry, and most importantly for non-stop questions, it will hurt your precious eyes. Beware of fraud surveys companies, for saving your precious time. In my opinion, those survey websites asking for money, are most often fake and fraud, like – ‘Take Surveys for Cash’. They ask money to enter into a survey. Never give money !

Thank You




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