Earn Money From Videos


Hii Guys, earn money from videos is easy if you are in the right place. We can earn lots of money from uploading videos. But, your videos must be legal, unique, must be taken from your mobile phone or video camera. You just can’t upload downloaded file there.  we can earn money by uploading videos in few ways, but I will tell you about three most popular ways…..

  1. Youtube = You can earn lots of money from Youtube. Youtube has become the most popular web-video platform and second most popular web platform after Google. Though, Youtube is a partner of Google. To earn money from Youtube, you need to create an account on Youtube and need to upload 3-5 videos. Then you need to create a channel on Youtube. And then upload 35-40 videos. After that, you need to monetize your videos for that you need to click on your profile picture, then ‘creater studio’, then ‘channel’. After that, you will see monetization picture, there will be written to join adsense acount, click there, 3 steps to verify and then after few days, your Adsense account will be ready to monetize your videos. 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers are needed for that. But, don’t upload copyrighted videos, if you are striked 4 times, then your Youtube account will be terminated. 
  2. Shutterstock = Another way earn money is from Shutterstock. Open from your computer or mobile, Shutterstock’s website. At the bottom of the page you will find a list, there in that list, you will see ‘Become a contributor’, click on that. After that you will find a page, you need to set up your account profile, and then after reading all instructions, you are ready to upload videos, and when a person download your videos, you earn money. It’s so simple.
  3. Xvideos = It’s also a way to earn from your videos. Open xvideos’ website. click on ‘Join for Free’, then you need sign up and then you need create an profile account. At first, you need to submit your picture by taking a white page and ‘Xvideos. com’ must be written there. After that fill up your forms and submit it. After their review, your account will be ready and all you need to upload videos. Remember that, all your videos must be of yourself, and your face must be there so that Xvideos member  can see your face and they will approve that video. Again, your videos must be of totally yourself, that means if you are uploading nude videos, then, you have to be nude and your face must be there to see. Like this way, you need to upload at least three videos to create a channel, I suggest, add one more there. After you upload 3-4 videos and in your dashboard you will see set up option, click on there. Then there will be two options, ‘ Are you a model, or, you won a site,’ , if you are a model and you have no website, then click on model. And if you have a website, then click on ‘own a site’. Then a form will come, fill up the form and submit. After their review, follow the instructions ( you need to upload your nude videos to your website and if anyone click on your videos, you will earn) and upload videos and earn money from your xvideos.




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