The word ‘earth’ came from Middle English ‘erthe’, from Old English ‘eorpe’, from Germanic
language ‘erpo’. Earth, where we live. We live on Earth. The shape of earth is not fully round,
its shape is like an orange. Earth is the third planet from the Sun and the fifth largest. Its orbit
= 149,600,000 km(1.00 AU(Astronomical Unit)) from sun. Its diameter =12,756.3 km and
mass = 5.972e24 kg. In Roman Mythology, The goddess of Earth was Tellus, the fertile soil,
Greek- Gaia, terramater – the Mother Earth. Earth’s chemical composition (by mass) is 34.6%
Iron, 29.5% Oxygen, 15.2% Silicon, 12.7% Magnesium, 2.4% Nickel, 1.9% Sulfar, 0.05%
Titanium. The Earth moves round the sun. It takes 365-1/4 days to complete its orbit round
the sun. The Earth’s year is,therefore, 365 days long, but the 1/4 days are added up and every
fourth year has one extra day on the 29th of February. This fourth year is called Leap Year(365
days). It rotates on its axis right round in 24 hours. Earth’s orbit around the sun is the 3rd fastest
orbit of all the Solar system planets. 71% of the Earth surface is covered with water. The Earth’s atmosphere is 77% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, with traces of argon, CO2, and water. The Earth is
fragile. Its surface is split into plates (tectonic plates) which float on a rocky mantle – the layer
between the surface of the earth, its crust, and its hot liquid core. The inside of the Earth is act-
-ive, and earthquakes and volcanoes and mountain building takes place along the boundaries of
the tectonic plates. The Earth is the 5th largest planet and the 4th smallest planet in the solar
system. Earth is one of the four planets in the solar system that is a rocky planet. These rocky
planets are called ‘Terrestrial Planets’. Earth tilts on an axis of 23.5 degrees. It has a powerful
magnetic field that protects the planet from harmful elements from space. Earth has one
satellite which is called Moon. It takes 27 days to orbit around the earth. Earth does not have
any rings. The highest recorded temperature on Earth 160 degree and the lowest recorded
temperature on Earth is -190 degree.




We love our Mother & our mother love us. Like this if we love our  our nature, it will return our love implicitly. We live in Nature. As we bring up by our mother, like this, we also bring up by our nature.
When we were baby, our mother breast feed us, like this,mother nature also feeds by providing water.
As we grow up She use to feed us by providing vegetables and fruits. She provides us oxygen to bre-
-athe. She provides us pleasing air. Even, we are the part of Nature. We are made up of four parts of nature– water, air, fire & Earth. So, we are the child of our mother nature. Everthing like, sea,
lakes, rivers, trees, forests, jungle, mountain, fountain, lava etc belong to nature. But in recent times
we are hurting our Mother Nature. E.g.- when we chop down trees for making houses, wooden items

etc, we are badly hurting our Mother. As a result, the quantity of CO2 is increasing & O2 is decreas-
-ing. Consequently, We are hurting themselves. We are contaminating water and air through Industr-
-ial wastes, polluted gas, washing clothes in river, ponds, etc.Our Mother Nature is hurting badly by
this. Not more days left if we hurting like this, our life also leave us from this Earth. Try to save our
Mother Nature, Please!



The word ‘sun’ came from Middle English ‘sunne’, from Germanic language ‘sunn’. The Sun is
the star at the center of the Solar system. It is nearly a perfect sphere of hot plasma ( Lightning
and neon lights are common place generators of plasma) with internal connective motion that generates a magnetic field via a dynamo process. It is the most important source of energy for
life on earth. Its diameter is about 1.39 million kilometers,i.e. 109 times that of Earth, and its
mass is about 330,000 times of Earth, accounting for about 99.86% of the total mass of the so-
-lar system. About three quarters of the Sun’s mass consists of hydrogen (73%), the rest is mo-
-stly helium(25%), with much smaller quantities of heavier elements, including oxygen, carbon,
neon and iron. The Sun has been regarded by some cultures as a deity. They say, the source of
all powers is Sun. The surface temperature of the Sun is almost 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The
interesting fact is — Sun does rotate. “Since the Sun is a ball of gas/plasma, it does not have to
rotate rigidly like the solid planets and moons do”, according to NASA. In fact, our gaseous Sun
is divided into different zones and layers, with each of our hot star’s regions moving at varying
speeds. ON average, the Sun rotates on its axis once every 27 days. However, its equator spins
the fastest and takes about 24 days to rotate, while the poles take more than 30 days to rotate.
The inner parts of the Sun also spin faster than the outer layers, according to NASA. Back in
1612, Galileo Galilei noticed something odd : Sun spots moved across the sun’s disk over time,
confirming the Sun’s rotation, according to Stanford University’s Solar Center. Even today,
researchers are able to monitor the Sun’s movements and rate of rotation by observing its
sunspot activity.


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