WordPress is a website making webplatform. It hosts our website and provides us domain names. There are four plans in WordPress, Free, Personal, Premium and Business plan.  In Free plan, we can just do a website which is like a playing part of a child. We can only use, like, writing blog, upload image, etc few things. In this plan, we don’t need any money, just create it and play with it and show off to your friends. That’s it,no more. But, if you think you just need a place in internet. If you think you just need a professional  website where you can work on it and show others what you have around the globe and earn from it , if you have that aim you need to buy a Personal,or premium, or Business plan from WordPress. There you will get free domains, free web hosting, and you will get much more space  where you can upload many audio, video files. See, if you are investing your money, then go for Premium or Business plan. For Personal plan you will get 6GB storage space and you can’t get many features like- payment option, advance social media, videoPress support. In Business or, Premium plan  you can also write Blog, upload pictures, provide Payment option, etc. You can publish your site in Google, Bing, etc. by website verification. Now, your website is ready. Now, you want to earn from your website, for that you need to connect with WordAds, which you can find in the left side of your WordPress platform. Connect with it, and they will provide Advertisement to your website. More people see your Ads and your webpage, you get money. They say, they will give money after 45 days in your ‘Earning Account’ and you must have got $100 for that and then you can redeem you earning by Paypal. There are few things you need to know, when you connect with WordAds your website must be family-friendly, that means you can’t add something unfriendly things which you can’t see with your family members, like- sex videos, sex photos, or, suicide videos, like that, must be a friendly site.

They say, you’re paid when the ad is seen by a visitor, not by click. What you earn can vary greatly per site, depending on the following factors:-

  • The amount of traffic.
  • Where the majority of the traffic is coming from. (North American ad placements currently pay out at a much greater level than ads from other regions.)
  • How many visitors are using ad blockers.
  • The actual ads that are displayed.

They say, you earn by impressions, not by click, which means, when visitor go to your webpage and see Ads there, then you are paid, this is impression. Click on the Adverisement doesn’t need, that’s easy. But when you think, why only WordAds, you can use other online Advertisement providing company, like – Googel Adsense, but yo can’t. It is not possible to use Google Adsense codes on your site with the Premium plan. Adsense is only available on the Business plan. Google AdSense, OpenX, Lijit, BuySellAds, and Vibrant Media, those options are available on the Business Plan. When you think that you are ready to build a business then you will buy Busines plan. Although you can add Affiliate advertising links in Premium plan to your website, like- Amazon product links ( visitors buy products from your link, you get commission).

And if you have a question on, View and Visitors, I say that, a visitor is a unique person that comes to your site. A view is an individual page load. A single visitor then can have multiple views. Visitors will always be equal to or lower than the number of views on your site.

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How to earn Money from a Website ?

Hii Guys, earning from a own personal Website is the coolest thing . If you want to earn from your own new website you need some money to get it. You need to buy a Premium or a Business plan for the website from a ‘Domain name and site hosting website’, like – WordPress, GoDaddy, Weebly, Website.com, Wix, etc. You can’t earn from free plan. Then you need to have a nice and simple url/ website name, and your website ought to have a good look.  After that, flamboyant your website with essential, attractive contents. You need to give more and more contents first before earning. After you done your content giving work,and all important works, like, verification with Google, Bing etc, you need to register your website with Online Advertisement providing companies, like – Google Adsense, Adtol,etc. Then, you need to place Ad to your website ( may be automatic, or, by providing link to your website ). Then you need to depend on visitors. More visitos, more traffic, if they see your Ad you get money. For that, your website need to have a good, essential, unique, attractive contents. More traffic , more money. This is one of the few ways by which you can earn. Other ways are, Affiliate Advertising , means, You need to sign up with Online Product providing Websites or webplatform, like- Amazon, Flipkart etc. You need to first get the link of the product and then copy the link of the product to your website and publish it. Share those links to Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. If users  click the link from your website and buy it, you get paid by commission. There may be more other ways….

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